Tasmanian Devil Monitoring Program

The plight of the Tasmanian Devil, whose species has been affected by a facial tumour disease, has inspired Premier Travel Tasmania to actively support and donate funds to assist with the research to save the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial. We give $5 for every customer to ‘Go Wild’ at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary’s dedicated team is involved in the rescue and research of this threatened species. Premier Travel Tasmania and Bonorong have joined forces and have developed the devil monitoring project, an initiative which is providing significant research data and insight into the devils breeding habits.

Check out this video to have a sneak peak of these fascinating critters!

Premier Travel Tasmania has also inspired a number of international wholesalers to match our donations. If you would like to find out more, experience Tasmania’s Devils and assist with their conservation, we suggest our 8 Day Tasmanian Wildlife Encounter small group tour, our 6 Day Tasmanian Devil Encounter private tour, our 1 Day Wilderness and Wildlife tour or a tailor-made program. All our conservation tours make a further contribution to the disease research effort.