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Step off the beaten track and immerse yourself in Tasmania’s stunning flora and fauna. The southernmost Australian State is renowned as a prime area for marsupial spotting. Spotted-tailed quolls, kangaroos, wallabies, wombats and our most famous residents, the Tasmanian Devils, are some of the most common animals to observe. Tasmania also provides a sanctuary for an abundance of birdlife sightings. Twelve endemic species call Tasmania their home. Sightings of marine mammals and the only two types of egg-laying mammals, echidnas and platypus, are frequent.

Premier Travel Tasmania’s focus is to observe wildlife in the wild. We provide a rare opportunity to encounter unique, endemic and endangered animals. Learn more about Tasmania’s conservation efforts and success to beat the Devil Facial Tumour Disease. Help to save our most famous carnivorous marsupial from extinction. Listen to the stories of sightings of the believed to be extinct Tasmanian Tiger (thylacine). Be part of our conservation efforts to save Tasmanians unique animals from further extinction. Premier Travel Tasmania works closely with Tasmanian wildlife rescue sanctuaries and contributes to their efforts to keep our Tasmanian species healthy.

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